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A collaborative theatre company, creating exciting new stories for the stage.

Founded in 2011 by Creative Director Lucy Roslyn and Productions Director Jamie Firth, BoonDog are passionate about new work and starting conversations that hopefully last long beyond the time the audience are in the theatre. 

Their first show was "The State vs John Hayes" in 2013, which gained great critical acclaim: It was described in one review as "Beautifully brutal", and that has almost become their goal to be achieved with each and every show.

 Next, a suite of interweaving stories set backstage at the "Boon and Doggett Circus" - an ongoing project with 3 different shows produced so far: "Showmanship" (Theatre503 Best of the Fest), "The Stooge" and "Goody" (LET Award winner 2017).

Working with Jesse Anand Productions and director Josh Roche, they have also created "Orlando" ("Brits Off Broadway" 2023) and "Pennyroyal".

They also help to develop other peoples shows - In 2022 they worked with Colin Hoult on his Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated show "The Death of Anna Mann"



"Fringe Festival Support"

Fringe Festival Support  is a chat show, supported by the Mental Health Foundation, to support people performing and working at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In 2017 Boondog Theatre identified that the Fringe is hugely testing of everyone's mental health: The pressures creatively, financially, logistically and emotionally across an entire month of performance are a mighty challenge. And, for some, there was too little support or advice


In 2018 they launched “FFS Livestream”. Hosted at the Pleasance Dome every morning, they invited festival veterans to come and share their experiences. In 2019 they broadcast every morning from Fringe Central. In 2020 they hosted a limited run of "FFS Lockdown" from home (as was the fashion of the time).

They continue to try and build a community, a feeling that everyone is all in it together when it comes to Edinburgh - And continue to try and make it so that "nobody wins unless *everybody* wins."

Contact Us

For all enquiries, services we provide and any more information on BoonDog Theatre, please email us using the box below. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram via the links under our logo at the top of the page. 

For ticket sales, use the links on the show's page to visit the venue's box office.


We will be in contact soon!


Other projects/involvements

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