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The Fringe Festival Support Livestream is a daily web-based chat show, supported by the Mental Health Foundation, to support people working at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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The Fringe can be very testing of everyone's mental health. The pressures creatively, financially, logistically and emotionally across an entire month of performance are a mighty challenge. And, for some, there is little support or advice: they are very much on their own.

Supported by the Mental Health Foundation, “FFS Livestream”, is a daily chat show aimed at offering support and advice to the huge community of performers. We invite festival veterans and newbies alike to to come together and share their experiences - Anyone can come along to watch the recordings and meet/chat/exchange war stories with other performers over tea and toast. For anyone who cannot join us, all recordings are available free on this site.

We're fostering a movement, a feeling that we are all in it together in Edinburgh.
And we want to make it so that nobody wins unless *everybody* wins.


Fringe Festival Support is an independent organisation. 

We rely on donations and support from our community. If you would like to donate towards to continued support and expansion of the Fringe Festival Support network, please contact us today

Any donation made, no matter how small, is hugely welcome: we really can't make this content without your kind donations and every little helps! 

We'd also love to hear from potential sponsors if you'd like to get your brand noticed! In that case:


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