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The Vaults Festival 2019 (Origins Award - Outstanding New Work)

Edinburgh Festival 2019

"Brits Off Broadway", 59E59, New York 2023


"I'm sick to death of this particular self. I want another."

Lucy Roslyn's play is the story of a person looking for escape - just as Virginia Woolf imagined her own freedom in the pages of "Orlando," a book which strains at the boundaries of identity: are we any one thing? Or are our selves “stacked like dinner plates,” one on top of the other? 

A new play that defies labels, directed by JMK Award winner Josh Roche and inspired by Virginia Woolf's legendary novel.

Orlando was developed with Jamie Firth for BoonDog Theatre.

Written and performed by Lucy Roslyn

Directed by Josh Roche

Produced by Jessie Anand Productions

Design by Sophie ThomasLights by Peter Small

Sound by Kieran Lucas

Developed with Jamie Firth for BoonDog Theatre. 


Photos by: Boondog Theatre

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