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I am hoping this finds everyone well. We are in uncharted waters, be kind to yourself.

We felt that this might be a bit of a breakthrough year for us as a theatre company before the virus. We were booked to take our show Orlando to New York this June. Inevitably that plan is on hold for the moment so I raise an optimistic glass to my team on this one, here’s to the future.

In the meantime, here’s this...

As a child the Mad Max trilogy were my favourite films. A lone hero, driving in a bleak wasteland with their dog/monkey (Thunderdome). I bought them on VHS. I bought them again as a VHS box set. And then AGAIN as DVDs. I wore biker boots and daydreamed about living like a badass. As an adult... I am much the same. Fury Road is the first film I have gone to watch at the cinema a second time since I was a kid. I immediately bought the DVD.

I think about my childhood a lot. I think about telling the child I was that one day I would make my own work. I think they would be impressed. I would also tell them I play the saxophone now and they would say “A saxophone solo features in films one and three of the Mad Max trilogy”. And just like that, my origin story would become clear.

We would play. Our toys are almost exclusively animals and the game is always “Adventure”. One leader, leading a motley crew of bendy clowns and cat figurines across a perilous stretch of room.

One toy is not invited. Here she is...

This Barbie came to me second hand when I was a kid. Thinning hair, no nose. I barely played with her, but I also never gave her away. After a decade of neglect she finally went into the attic.

If this was a Toy Story it would be devastating.

I recently got toys down for my nieces to play with and out she came, like a prop from a horror film. She was dressed in a girlish smock that didn’t suit her. I can relate.

Looking at her now, this mysterious figure with rocky back history, it is clear to me who she really is...

There are some really inspiring upcycled artworks out there and I’d like to add my contribution. My mum always said to me that “If you love art you’ll never be lonely” (she is a recycling artist), so I have taken her words to heart on this one.


Head: Nose rebuilt from Fimo clay. Acrylic face paint.

Mechanical hand: Cut off her arm with a hot knife. Old metal hair pin, broken earphone wire and pin, chocolate coin foil, nail, metal lip balm tin and string to make her bionic arm.

Outfit: Tshirt. Old boot leather for corset and belts, wire for the buckles. Citadel emblem made from a tea light tin and old necklace chain.

Shoulder Plate: Packing peanut foam shoulder pad. Deodorant cap shoulder plate, earphone wire, watch battery, old leather, ball bearing I found on the floor.

Boots: Packing peanut foam, wire, old boot leather, earphone wire.

And here she is!

“Remember me?”

Furiosa by Lucy Roslyn.

Have a nice day everyone :-)

Luce xx

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