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Goody Previews Tomorrow

Dust Bowl America. Backstage at the travelling circus, We discover the complex relationship between one man and his performing chimpanzee.

Marooned in a world she does not comprehend, Goody finds comfort with her only companion: her trainer Frances. How do they communicate? How do they cohabit? Who is in control?

We are previewing this performance at Greenwich Theatre tomorrow! So want to get a chance to see this performance before it goes to Edinburgh? Grab your tickets today!

For more information about this performance visit

To purchase tickets visit Greenwich Theatre

Can't make it?

It's ok

we will be at the following venues:

- Edinburgh Festival at the Pleasance Courtyard from 2nd - 28th August Grab Tickets

- The Criterion Theatre, Coventry from 28th - 29th July Grab Tickets

- Returning to Greenwich Theatre from 30th - 2nd September Grab Tickets

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