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Introducing BoonDog Theatre!

Welcome to BoonDog Theatre's new brand and website.

Here you'll find all our latest news, upcoming Production information, backstage

Blogs via our new BoonDog Blogs!

This spanking new website is for you to be kept up to date, also see our past shows and much much more.

This is only the beginning, over the course of BoonDog's universe we will be adding new features to this website, so keep your eyes pealed for new innovations coming soon!

Here at BoonDog we are mega excited to have our new brand readily available for our new Production Goody, which is based in Boon and Doggett Traveling circus. Tickets are now available for Greenwich Theatre, Pleasance Courtyard and Criterion Theatre

Grab your tickets today by clicking here

Have a look around our website. Your currently in the BoonDog Blog. Click the logo in the top left to start from the beginning. Happy searching!

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