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The State Versus John Hayes

Various Dates

Edinburgh Festival | Brighton Festival | The Lowry, Manchester | Theatre Royal, Bath

The Kings Head, London | Piper Theatre, New York 



Argus Angel for Artistic Excellence




Gemini Print Award 


Ed Image hayes - b bhjk.jpg

Huntsville prison, Texas, 1959.

Elyese Dukie is on Death Row for the murder of two people. Tomorrow she goes to court for the last time. But tonight Elyese reveals the one thing she won’t tell the court or the string of psychiatrists sent to diagnose her: that she is not alone in her cell…

John Hayes is in there with her.

Psychopath, or seductress? 

Murderer, or manipulator? 

Psychiatric hospital, or the electric chair?


Critically acclaimed, award winning play has toured throughout the UK. This striking one-act, psychological thriller laced with dark humour is based on extensive research into real-life female killers.


Islington Gazette

“It is impossible to look away”



London Pub Theatre

"An extraordinary play.... captivating”



Grumpy Gay Critic

“dangerous and thrilling... there isn’t a more complete and incredible performance currently anywhere in London”



The Stage

“Astonishing...  it may only be an hour in length but its impact lasts much longer”



West End Wilma

“frightening and witty in equal measure... outstanding"



London City Nights

“like spending an hour in a lion’s cage... the epitome of a

performance-centered character piece”



Plays to See

“Lucy Roslyn is outstanding”



Fringe Guru

“A fascinating, riddling play”


Female Arts 

“Within its 60 minutes, more is said about gender, identity and female sexuality than many plays twice its length”



Grumpy Gay Critic

“dangerous and thrilling... there isn’t a more complete and incredible performance currently anywhere in London”



Remote Goat

“a brilliantly honest performance”



Top London Theatre

“fearless, strong and honest”



Everything Theatre

“an original and engaging piece of work”



Middle Peg Review

“a brilliant performance”



London Theatre 1

“extraordinary... a gripping and disturbing hour of theatre”

The Lowry Studio, January 2015



Salford Online

“A compelling, twisted drama that I wished would never end”




John Lloyd's MUST SEE for Theatre, Edinburgh Festival 2013




“This harrowing script is further haunted by actress Lucy Roslyn’s total embodiment of the character”




“Utterly compelling"

Directed by Jemma Gross

Produced by Epsilon Productions


Music by Joe Bennett

Lighting design by Sherry Coenen

Stage managed by Chris Silvester

Sound design Sophie Cotton

Image by Paul Hancock




To find out more about Epsilon Productions go to:

Photos by: Epsilon Productions. Andy Colbourne

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