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The Stooge


boondog the stooge poster

"Here's to you, Harry. It's tough being a double act now that you're dead."


Boon and Doggett Travelling Circus, 1934. Once half of a successful clown double act, Lawrence Eages is now working solo.


It's lonely. He's lonely.


He misses Harry: his partner, and his best friend. And he can't forget how he lost him. 


If only people could get to know him, he's a nice guy after all. No one knew that better than Harry. But Harry's long gone now... A darkly comic new drama based on research into circus life in the 1930's.


Lucy Roslyn's "The Stooge" is the first part of the BoonDog Circus series, a collection of stories about life in a travelling circus.

Written by Lucy Roslyn

Directed by Jamie Firth

Mark Davison as Laurence Eages



Photos by: Boondog Theatre

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